The History of CEEC
The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (referred to as the CEEC) was birthed as a result of a more general work of the Holy Spirit among the Christian churches which has become known as the "Convergence Movement", and sometimes referred to as the "Convergence of the Streams" renewal. This is the spiritual vision, rooted in the New Testament revelation and the experience of the early Christians, that saw the Church as one Body with many diverse and contributing parts. Or, to put it another way: one river with many streams.

In the 1940's, the well-known mission pioneer of the union Church of South India, Bishop Leslie Newbigin, wrote a seminal work called "The Household Of God", examining the ....MORE

A Communion
Communion reflects the unanimity and singularity of the Apostolic and Patristic Church, while encompassing both  protestant and catholic traditions as well as embracing a multiplicity of expressions of worship and practice. In contrast to a denomination, a communion expresses the organic unity Jesus Christ originally established in His Body, the Church. Rather than emerging from divisions created by historic differences over doctrine and practice, a communion represents return to unity based on the recovery of the essential oneness of the ancient, medieval, and contemporary church.

Standing within the Celtic and Anglican traditions, the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches was created by a convergence of the great historical expressions of faith and practice: the Evangelical, Charismatic.... MORE

An Historic Communion

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The Convergence Movement
People have asked, "what does CEEC stand for: what is it's purpose among so many other communions?" Answers and insight to these question are addressed by Dr. Charles Travis.

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